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iPhone / iPod:

Reign of Rome - iPhone
iPad (HD Version):

Reign of Rome - iPhone
Match 3 tiles to conquer the five levels of the Reign of Rome and become the most powerful ruler of the Roman Empire. Start at the Seven Hills and unlock strategic buildings until you complete the Age of Glory to become the conquering ruler!
Play with friends and other users so you can share your high scores. Race against the clock to collect the materials you need, earning points and bonuses along the way.
Use your skill, strategy and cunning to unlock all the buildings necessary to complete the Reign Of Rome and be proclaimed leader!
Available soon on iPhone, iPod and iPad (HD version).


Seven Hills Epoch

Seven hills

The seven hills of Rome is where you begin, collecting as many resources as you can in order to create the beginnings of what will become the great city of Rome.

Need a city Epoch

Need a city

When the original residents of the villages come together as a unified force, having collected money, wood and meal, they can finally claim the right to call themselves a city.

Birth of empire Epoch

Birth of empire

Growing ever stronger with more buildings unlocked the Reign of Rome truly starts to take shape.   Not only is it a city, you have now helped to build an empire!

Circus Maximus Epoch

Circus Maximus

A great empire needs to display its power and by unlocking all the buildings of the Circus Maximus you create a space for your empire to hold its fast-paced chariot races.

Age of glory Epoch

Age of glory

You are just four buildings away from completing your empire and becoming the undisputed leader with the most impressive Reign Of Rome.

Match 3

Move the tiles until you have three or more in a row either vertically or horizontally. As more tiles appear you have to use your skills to match the items and earn points and bonuses. The more points and bonuses you get, the faster you can unlock the buildings and move on to the next stage.

Overcome Obstacles

Every great leader must overcome obstacles and this will be true for you as you work your way through the Reign of Rome. Some items will be locked, chained or put in a box until you make a match to release them.

Race Against Time

While Rome may not have been built in a day, you will need to hurry if you want to complete each stage before someone else does. Each level has a time limit which means that you must race against time to be the first to complete it.

Play Against Your Friends

Who will be the first to complete their Empire? Using OpenFeint you can see the scores your friends and other users have achieved giving you the added motivation you need to collect all the available bonuses, ensuring that you finish your empire first. There can only be one leader and that must be you!